How We Work

Communication is the key to having any successful relationship. It is even more important when money/financial information is involved—that our lines of communication are open with you at all times. Our staff will make sure to understand your business transaction and everything we setup and process is ultimately done to help you get the business insight that will help you run your business efficiently.

1. Initiation Meeting

Once you have signed up with us, we will setup an initiation meeting where we will understand your current accounting process, your business, the type and number of transactions, any unique business situation or transactions, etc. This will help us prepare our procedures to provide you with the data and the reports at the interval that you require. We will also establish the ground rules here on who does what. At this stage, we will prepare the checklist of all the documents that you need to send us at pre-determined intervals whether it is weekly, monthly or quarterly. This will streamline the process of document transfer as it would avoid missed documents and the resultant delays.

2. Set Up

After the initial meeting, we will setup the chart of accounts to meet your needs or load your existing financial data and understand your classifications. If we have any questions or doubts, we will check back with you or your accountant, as it is easier to make corrections/changes at this stage rather than later.

3. Providing Us Information

We offer you the flexibility in sending us your financial documents in a manner that is most convenient to you.
• Fax it to us
• Scan and securely transfer the documents to us electronically using FTP. We strongly recommend not sending them over email, as it is absolutely insecure.
• Mail it to us using our pre-paid envelopes – take all of your receipts, bills, statements, etc., and put them into the envelope and drop the envelope in the mail.

4. Processing

Once we receive the documents, our supervisor will review the documents against the checklist that we prepared earlier. If there are any missing documents, we will let you know right away and avoid delays later on. After we have received all the documents, we will record them under proper classifications. If we have any questions or doubts, we will check with you right away so that we can record it right the first time. For payroll, we will calculate all deductions and withholdings, prepare paychecks, pay stubs and all required Federal and State payroll tax returns.

5. Business Insight Delivered

Once we have recorded all the transactions, we will generate all the standard reports and customize reports for your business so you have the insight that you would like to have in to your business. We will provide these reports at the agreed intervals, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. If you would prefer, we can have one of team members go over these reports with you in person or over the phone. While sending the documents to us, please refer the checklist that was prepared to minimize going back and forth on document requests and the resultant shuffling through papers.

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Established on January 2009, La Senda Enterprises Inc.s Inc. comes to your neighborhood backed by 20 years of experience and dedication to the insurance and tax industry. Susana Mota proud founder, began her carrier in the insurance and tax industry in 1985...

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